Tie The Knot Tuesday: Featuring Mikaella Bride Alex

Alex- tie the knot

Tie The Knot Tuesday: Featuring Mikaella Bride Alex

Alex and Jonathan shared a beautiful wedding day with their friends and family that was full of personal touches on September 22nd, 2012. From the wedding attire to the very date (their wedding day was her grandparents’ 66th wedding anniversary!), this Mikaella Bride and her family didn’t skimp when it came to attention to wedding dress detail! Alex’s godmother is a minister so she married the happy couple, and Alex got married in our Mikaella Style 1305, however her veil was hand-made by her mother. Alex told us, “It is so special to me to have had love put into every detail. And she was more than thrilled to do it!” Her mother also made the boys’ vests, ties, and even pocket squares. “It was fun to go shopping in New York for the fabric and now they all have something to wear when they need to get dressed up!”

Mikaella Bride Alex and her Style 1305 wedding dress.


Mikaella Bride Alex and her groom Jon getting ready to tie the knot!

Alex got her Mikaella Style 1305 wedding dress from Madeleine’s Daughter, and told us about the first time she saw her dream dress:

I had gone shopping before and always loved Paloma/Mikaella dresses for the soft fabrics and classic styles so it didn’t surprise me to find out the dress I picked was a Mikaella! I first saw the dress at their salon. I told the stylist I wanted classic elegant and something with sleeves. She brought this dress over and brought over some detachable straps from another gown and let me see the vision. My mom, sister, and dad were there (step dad didn’t want to spoil the surprise!), and when they all started tearing up, we knew it was the one!

That smile says it all, Alex is in love with her Mikaella Style 1305!

How did Jon propose? “Jon proposed exactly like out of a dream – literally! We had been dating for almost 6 years and we had talked about having our photographer friend take pictures with us in the winter/snow. It was the night before the photos and I was devastated because I wanted Jon to propose during the photo shoot, but knew he wasn’t going to. He did his best to console me and told me we’d still have fun. That night I had a dream that we were down on the oval (the town centre with a gazebo – very New England) and we were having our picture taken when Jon got down on one knee. Well, that’s exactly what happened! It was just how I imagined it to be. Of course, after the tears came and I said yes, I realized that the rest of the day might have been a ploy and promptly checked that we would still be getting Chinese food (my favorite!) for dinner! Jon and I had a good laugh that it was almost the first thing that came to my mind! We took some more photos and went back to my house for Chinese food with friends and family. It was perfect!”

Alex and Jon's engagement photo shoot.

Was there any aspect of your wedding planning experience that took you by surprise? “My friend Emily once said to me, ‘Alex, let’s face it, you were a bride from the womb!’ It is definitely true! I had every detail planned and a back up plan if needed. The one thing that surprised me is that I was able to be so calm the day of the wedding. Even my bridesmaids commented. I had already planned everything and was able to sit back and relax – mostly!”

Alex and jon's wedding cake and cake toppers.

Alex and Jon's wedding photo shoot looked like a fairytale!

Tell us about your theme, what inspired it? “The theme was just classic/vintage with bright purple and green being our main colors. Jon and I saw this combination a while back and really liked it. When we actually were engaged and talking about a date and theme, he didn’t even want to consider other options! He ended up deciding on the theme! And now, after scouring for months for the perfect shade of “fluorescent purple,” as I’ve decided to call it, I see the color everywhere! The reception also had an underlying theme of movies – each of the tables were named after our favourite movies. After all, our first date was watching Braveheart at his parents’ house. Well, we were in high school!”

Mikaella Bride Alex and her silk flower bouquet!

Fun fact, Alex’s mother even made her bouquet! Can you believe that those flowers are made of silk?

Mikaella Bride Alex and her husband Jon on their wedding day.

“Our first dance was to ‘So This Is Love’ from the Disney Movie, ‘Cinderella’ and then surprised everyone – not even my mom knew – by dancing a tango to Paso Doble from the movie ‘The Mask of Zorro’!”

Alex and Jon doing their surprise 'Mask of Zorro' tango on the dancefloor.

Wedding Photographs by Studio Nouveau.
Engagement Photographs by Kayla Creamer Photography and Film.

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