Tie The Knot Tuesday: Featuring Mikaella Bride Alison


Tie The Knot Tuesday: Featuring Mikaella Bride Alison

This weeks Mikaella Bride, Alison, found her beautiful Mikaella Style 1806 dress at Maggi Bridal in Raleigh, NC during one of our in store events! Alison and her husband Baird got married on April 19th 2014 at Mt. Lebanon Chapel in the Airlie Gardens in Wilmington, NC, and held their reception at the Carolina Yatch Club on Wrightsville Beach. Despite the rain and the wind, they shared an amazing day with their friends and family that will not soon be forgotten! We were thrilled when Alison shared more details about her wedding day with us:

Mikaella Real Bride Alison's Style 1806 Wedding Dress.

Mikaella Bride Alison on the big day!

How did you know your dress was “the one”? Alison: “I went to a second boutique, Maggi Bridal in Raleigh, NC, looking for the dress. I went around the store and took samples of the rack to try on. Four out of the six dresses I wanted to try on were Mikaella! I narrowed it down to three, two other Mikaella dresses and the one I chose. I knew the second time around there was no question that I had found the one! My Mom said she knew it the first time around by the smile on my face and my confidence in it compared to others! You just know! And the beautiful tulle, organza, and beading was just the icing on top to my mermaid style dream!”

Alison and Baird's wedding party on their special day.

Mikaella Bride Alison and her husband Baird with family.

What was your favourite aspect of your wedding?
“My favourite aspect of our wedding was being surrounded by everyone that we love so dearly. We kept our wedding relatively small, for we were married in a quaint little chapel, and we wanted to share this one in a lifetime moment with those closest to us. We were married on Easter weekend and our ceremony was followed by an awful rain and wind storm. The fact that our loved ones made it to the ceremony as well as the reception, the majority from out of town, meant the world to us. My Grandmother turned 90 the week of our wedding, and she came which was awesome! My sister and niece traveled from Hawaii to be in the bridal party. It was the greatest celebration with family and friends, and everyone had such a great time despite the weather!”

Alison and Baird at their reception with their friends and family.

What song did you dance to for your first dance?
“6’2” by Marie Miller! I kept sending Baird links to songs, and it was March and we just couldn’t decide on a song that really explained our love story. I was driving to the gym listening to XM radio and I heard it and said “This is it!” Like my dress, I knew I had found it! Every lyric from a blue eyed, blonde hair, 6’2” man like my groom to being married on an April night, it was the perfect song! And Baird didn’t mind that it was short and sweet either!”

Mikaella Bride Alison and her husband Baird's amazing tablescapes.

Alison in her Mikaella Style 1806 coming in from the rain.

Was there any aspect of your wedding planning experience that took you by surprise?
“I was surprised how much rain could put a damper on things, literally! You spend all this time planning and you want everyone to be relaxed on your wedding day, but when it’s cold and rainy when you thought it was going to be sunny and 75 degrees, stress sets in! My parents saved the day by renting plastic to hang over the screened-in porch and heaters so everyone would be warm while we ate dinner. They dried table clothes and re-purposed ideas, and my Mom and Mother-in-law even gave up their make up appointments to make sure our day was perfect! My parents gave us our dream wedding and we are forever grateful!”

Alison and Baird's wedding invitations.

Mikaella Bride Alison and her husband Baird on their wedding day.

Best advice for brides-to-be?
“I know you have to pay attention to details when wedding planning, but don’t obsess over small details! On the big day, not everything is going to go according to plan anyways, and that’s ok! You may get hit with a torrential rain storm and not get to have the exit with paper lanterns you planned or be able to set up your lemonade stand, like us! Or you may forget a picture opportunity. Whatever it may be, embrace the day no matter what happens; it goes by fast!”

Mikaella Bride Alison and her husband Baird on their wedding day.

Mikaella Bride Alison and her husband Baird on their wedding day.

Photos by Lee Ann Fuller Photography.

Thank you, Alison, for sharing your special day with us! Congratulations and all the best in the future! Take a look at our Real Bride Gallery to see the story that Alison submitted to us, or if you are a Mikaella Bride, tell us your story! We would love to feature you on our website! To stay up to date with all of our Mikaella news, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!